• Reworking the functionality, look and feel of the AGRIS search engine (version 1.3). The project was outsourced by the Library and Documentation Services Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in Rome to KIIKM during 2004-2007. The work has been completed.
  • Follow-up to the redesigning version 1.3 of the AGRIS search engine a new project was outsourced to KIIKM to redesign the search engine (version 1.5). This was completed in Nov 2008. This  version enabled the AGROVOC thesaurus and multilingual searching.
  • Supporting, encouraging and funding experienced and retired professionals to write text books suitable for courses in library and information management. 

New Project Proposals

  • KIIKM Welcomes proposals for useful projects costing a maximum of up to Rs. one lakh for the development of new products and/or services by Indian libraries and information centres. The proposals shall satisfy the following criteria: 1. The product or service must be of a generic nature which can be applied widely in India and abroad in libraries, information centres. 2. The proposal must demonstrate that ongoing costs of maintaining/expanding/commercialization/marketing the product/service after the initial funding and project completion will be available and taken over by the organization from which the proposal emanates or from another organization. If possible there must be written consent for this purpose. 3. The proposal must spell out in detail the project personnel who will work on the project, their background qualifications and experience and detailed statements justifying why and how the product/service, if possible by practical demonstration, will be usefuḷ to libraries/information centres in India and elsewhere. 4. Details of work proposed on a quarterly basis to be supported by quarterly reports of work accomplished and expenses incurred. 5. Any patents that may arise from such projects will be jointly owned by the first party and KIIKM as the second party. 6. A formal agreement will need to be signed by the proposers organization and KIIKM before the project is started and funded. 7. In the event that the product or service is commercialized profits from such commercialization 10% of profits shall accrue to KIIKM.


  • KIIKM will fund such projects either singly or jointly wherever possible. 2. No extensions of projects beyond the agreed period will be allowed. 3. A committee of specialists drawn from a panel will examine proposals received and if found to be feasible and useful will recommend the funding of the project. 4. The decision of the Trustees of KIIKM whether to fund or not a proposal shall be final and non-negotiable.

Kesavan Institute of Information and Knowledge Management (KIIKM)